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In the Light of Prophecies Book


eBook Released
In The Light Of Prophecies eBook has been releaseed. The printed version of the book will be available soon as well.

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In the world that we live in, light always rises in the East and sends forth its radiance into the West.

Nevertheless, although it is the function of this light to make things visible to the sight, it cannot give man the power to perceive nor to discern the inner meaning of the things which he sees. For this light has no intelligence, no consciousness.

Thus, it is the light of the intellect which gives man knowledge and understanding, and without this light, the physical eyes would be useless.

This light of the intellect is the highest light that exists, for it is born of the Divine Light.

The light of the intellect enables man to understand and realize all that exists. But it is only the Divine Light that can give him sight for the invisible things, and enable him to see truths that will only be visible to the world thousands of years ahead.

It was the Divine Light which enabled the prophets to see two thousand years in advance what was going to take place and today we see the realization of their vision. Thus it is this Light which we must strive to seek, for it is greater than any other.

It was by this Light that Moses was enabled to see and comprehend the Divine Appearance, and to hear the Heavenly Voice which spoke to him from the Burning Bush:

'And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush' (Exodus 3:2)

It is of this Light Christ is speaking when He says:

'I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness…' (John 8:12)

It is of this Light Muhammad is speaking when he says:

'Allah is the light of the Heavens, and of the Earth' (Qur'án 24:35)

We must seek with all our hearts this Heavenly Light, so that we may be enabled to understand the realities, that we may know the secret things of God, that the hidden ways may be made plain before our eyes.

This light may be likened to a mirror, and as a mirror reflects all that is before it, so this Light shows to the eyes of our spirits all that exists in God's Kingdom and causes the realities of things to be made visible.

By the help of this effulgent Light all the spiritual interpretation of the Holy Writings has been made plain, the hidden things of God's Universe have become manifest, and we have been enabled to comprehend the Divine purposes for man.

'In the Light of Prophecies,' may be used as an open way, or a tool for achieving this goal. It is comprised of nine chapters which contain a total of 91 sections. Each section brings into focus an area from the Holy Bible which, when studied in conjunction with related Bahá’í writings, brings to light the mysteries that lie hidden in the Word of the Prophets.

It is hoped that through research and study of this work, and contemplation on the spiritual message that it unfolds, God in His mercy, may guide our hearts and souls with His glorious Light, and assist us in laying down the foundation stone of His Promised Kingdom on earth. Then shall each one of us shine as a radiant star in the dark places of the world.

(Based on: “THE TWO KINDS OF LIGHT,” 'Abdu'l-Baha: Paris Talks*, Page: 68-70)

In His Service...
Jamsheed Bahar

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